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It was our job to discover the sensation
because we were kids--
scientists of what it feels like.

"I tend to think of human beings as huge, rubbery test tubes, too, with chemical reactions seething inside. […] It is a big temptation for me, when I create a character for a novel, to say that he is what he is because of faulty wiring, or because of microscopic amounts of chemicals which he ate or failed to eat on that particular day."
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A su lado,
Cambiaría de color."
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Mary Ellen Bartley

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I don’t ask you to love me
always like this, but I ask
you to remember.
Somewhere inside of me there
will always be the person
I am tonight.

F Scott Fitzgerald
Tender is the Night

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"You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star"
F. Nietzsche
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Analysis Paralysis - The Centipede’s Dilemma

A centipede was happy – quite!
Until a toad in fun
Said, “Pray, which leg moves after which?”
This raised her doubts to such a pitch,
She fell exhausted in the ditch
Not knowing how to run.

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